1. Are you a rubber products trading company or manufacturer?

We are rubber products factory, and have own a full set of advanced rubber machines and test equipment.

2.Can you custom and design new rubber latch according to our requirements?

Yes, we offer ODM, OEM services, we have been for many years in rubber latches line.

3.We just have samples, and we can not offer 2D or 3D drawing to you, can you make it?

It's ok. You can send samples to us, and we will according samples to make drawing and mold tooling.

4. We have a new rubber latch for cooler box, but we not sure whether our design is work or not.
First, Hanxiang have a experienced engineer team. Second, we are glad to work with customers to find some effective solutions.

5. How can you gurantee delivery goods on time?
We can finish the order production ahead always as our strong production ability and perfect management.

6.How do you handle with customer complaint?
That’s a good question!
We will collect all complaint information in 24hours, and our team will have some meets to discuss the matters and find out the reasons, offer effective solution,and we will try our best to avoid worse effect on customers' project.

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Contact: David Huang

Phone: +86-13826921427

Tel: +86-0769-83698306-612


Add: 123 Shayuan Road, The Second Industrial Zone,Shabu, Dalang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Provice, China 523791

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