About Hanxiang Rubber

Hanxiang Rubber Company is a 10 years old rubber factory. It  was established in 2007, located in Dongguan city of well-know manufacture in China. We have an excellent design and producing team, the forerunner's production equipments, strict of management experience.

Our professional services in all kinds of rubber latches development, engineering and rubber manufacturing are built on unparalleled industry knowledge and an unwavering commitment to providing each of our customers with exceptional customer service and superior products. We’re committed to providing solutions for any application you may have in mind.

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Six Advantages of Our Rubber Latches

  • 1.Good Structure and Beautiful Appearance
  • 2.High Quality of EPDM Rubber Material
  • 3.Not Corrosion of Stainless Steel Brackets
  • 4.Resistant to UV, Oils and Gasiline
  • 5.Strong and Not Break under Big Tension
  • 6.Durable Use and Easy Install

ODM/OEM services

  • 1.Disguss Project

  • 2.Design 3D Drawing

  • 3.Make Tooling

  • 4.Produce Latches

ODM/OEM services

Hanxiang Rubber company offers ODM/OEM services of rubber latches. We have professional engineer team, experienced workers and soud quality control system. Every rubber latch project will be disgussed deeply with customers, and then, we will make drawing to clients comfirm. After the rubber latch sample is approved, we will arrange the rubber latches production as soon as pissoble, and make sure latches are deliveried to clients in time.

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